Saturday 24th November 2018

7:30 pm


Cinderella by David Gibbs and Wendy Harris.  In this version there are extra characters that you don't find in other versions. The songs Adam Ant's Prince Charming, Beyonce's Single ladies, Kool and the Gang's Celebration plus a song sung by Buttons and Cinderella. There is a reference to an '80's Rock group and a cliff hanger that has probably never been used before.


Buttons - Wendy Harris

Prince Charming - Annette Close

Dan Derby - John Learn

Prudence - Denise

Maid Marion - Clare Montgomery

Cinderella - Maria Littlejohn

Francesca - John White

Aubergine - John Wells

Fairy Godmother - Soohie Close

Announcer - Mark West

Tom Riddle - David Rules

Rabbits - David Gibbs & John Kear

Stage Crew

Sound & Lighting - Ian Norby

Stage Manager - Mark West

Costumes - Sandra Jerome

Front of House Manager - Tracey Schofield